Training Services

OverHere Consulting prides itself on knowing many different operating systems, and the accessibility software that runs on them. Travis and Ed have the ability to train on all of the major magnification and screen reading solutions on the market. We provide accessibility training solutions for:

  1. Microsoft – Windows

  2. Apple Inc – Mac Os, and iOS

  3. Google – Android

Hands On Training or Distance Learning?

OverHere Consulting now has the ability to provide training in person (in our Office or in the clients home), and remote access/distance learning is always an option. We use the built in remote access software for:

  1. Ai Squared – ZoomText

  2. Freedom Scientific – JAWS

We also have the ability to perform distance training/learning via:

  1. Microsoft – Skype

  2. Apple Inc. – FaceTime

  3. Facebook – Messenger

  4. Google – HangOuts, and Google Voice

  5. and of coarse we can use the standard telephone as well

OverHere Consulting is able to work with the client and figure out a price point that will work for them. We also provide training services with the Montana Blind and Low Vision Services Offices across the state, as well as the Montana VA VIST program. If you would like to call us about providing training services or have any questions about what services we provide please call us at 406-992-0028 or send us an email.