iPhone X First Impressions

By Ed Worrell

I have recently received my new iPhone X. I love the design of this phone. The glass front and metal sides are what I loved about my first iPhone, the iPhone 4. I have heard a ton of chatter about why the iPhone is not the phone for everyone, and why the iPhone 8 is better, but I am extremely glad that I went with the iPhone X. This phone has made me fall in love with the iPhone and iOS once again.

What does the lack of Home Button mean for blind users?

I am completely blind and I have to use VoiceOver. The new home buttonless interface was a trick for about the first 20 to 30 mins I had the device. After that the gestures to unlock the phone, getting to the Notification Center and the control center has become second nature. The special gestures for the iPhone X and VoiceOver users amazingly do not differ from the normal commands. (I will go over these commands in future blog posts).

I really love the glass back of the iPhone X and the iPhone 8. In my opinion the glass backs make the iPhone’s have a slightly heavier weight in your hands, and this truly makes the devices feel like a premium product.

Final thoughts…

The iPhone X is a beautiful piece of technology, mine is the silver 256gb model and for me, its perfect. It really is ok guys, it really is! Smaller than the plus, bigger than the standard, not too bulky and great battery life if you properly manage the settings. The perfect phone! I have always wanted these features since the iPhone 6 and finally, they are here!

Here’s to the crazy ones!

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