Firefox Quantum May Slow Down your Screen Reader with Today’s update;

Here’s What You Can Do

Firefox 57 Quantum will be released today, and many screen reader users may want to avoid the update. In short, updates in the way Firefox renders web pages will slow down your browsing experience at least for the moment. As this blog points out, help is on the way, but not until version 58.
To avoid these slowdowns, you may want to strongly consider downloading the Extended Support Release Version of Firefox which will not be plagued with the same user issues. This version is designed for organizations and will only get security updates. In fact, it will actually set you back in time a bit as the current ESR version is 52.4.

As mentioned above, Firefox 58 and newer will solve many of the current accessibility issues that have been reported, so help is on the way. Brave users can download the beta and nightly users of Firefox to see how they might work and to report bugs and issues.

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