Help bring OverHere Consulting projects to life!!!

OverHere Consulting is always working on new and exciting projects. We now want to ask you to help us bring some of our ideas to life. We are always trying to figure out ways to bring new technology into our training, and new ways to use technology to it’s fullest for our company and clients. We have most recently started our new podcast called: The OHC Cast and our blog called: The OverHere Consulting Blog. We offer all of these resources for free to every one of our visitors to

As you may know it takes a great deal of resources, time and money to put together our website and our new publications. This is why we are asking for contributions to help us make the content and our publications the best they can be.

We are proud to introduce the OverHere Consulting contribution Center. We have many different levels of contributions, please help out if you can. We really appreciate it.

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The contribution links below will open the OverHere Consulting landing page in a new window. You will see our Co-founder Ed Worrell’s name on the page.

Contribute $5

Contribute $15 Contribute $25 Contribute another Amount

All contributions are appreciated and we wish that we could thank all of you personally. If you have made a contribution and would like to be included in our thank you page please send us your information via our Contact Form. Let us know you have contributed, and we will send you a personalized email and add you to the thank you list.

You may also contact us via our social media channels: Facebook or on Twitter

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