Amazon Prime Video finally lands on Apple TV

By Ed Worrell

Amazon’s Prime Video app is finally available on the Apple TV as of yesterday. I have put the application through it’s paces with VoiceOver on my Gen. 4 Apple TV.

How does the application perform with VoiceOver?

If you’ve used the Prime Video application on your iOS device, throw all that you know out the window. The Prime Video application is nothing like it’s counter part on iOS. The Apple TV app is cluttered and there is no rhyme or reason to the navigation style.

The first thing that VoiceOver users will notice is even before you reach the sign in screen you hear the Samantha voice tell you to switch the rotor setting to direct touch on the Siri remote. This is done by turning a virtual knob on the touch pad of the remote. You will hear many options by default, such as: Words, Characters, Headings, etc. Keep turning until you hear Direct Touch announced by VoiceOver. You then can navigate by any direction. This is crucial to using the Prime Video application.

Note: After this is done you will have to use your Amazon credentials to sign in to the Prime Video app.

The Second thing that VoiceOver users will notice is that they will have a much slower Samantha voice running. There is no way to adjust the speech rate of this voice. The voice engine is built into the Prime Video application. It does not use the default VoiceOver settings for accessibility. This is a very annoying compromise that I hope they fix in the future.

Final Thoughts….

The Amazon Prime Video application seems to have been slapped together in just a few days by Amazon and leaves a ton to be desired. It does not have support for full surround sound, it only works with stereo 2.1 currently. Amazon does say that full surround sound support is coming in a future update. Over all this application will stay on my Apple TV as I want to catch up on the Grand Tour, but I won’t be recommending it to anyone.

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